Pelvic Floor Tune-up Workshop - 3, two hour classes
November 3 (Sunday) at 10:30 am

Class length
2 hours
The 3  day workshop option consists of three, 2hr sessions over a span of 3 classes. 

The date listed above is the START date of the 3 session workshop.  The next  classes will be held on the same day and time over the next 2 weeks

Comfortable active wear is highly recommended for these educational and movement infused workshops.

You will learn about simple lifestyle habits, corrective exercises, therapeutic massage, mind-set as well as breathing techniques that will empower you to better understand what you can do to get your pelvic floor back on track!

We will focus on the whole body, not just the hole in the body!

  • Let’s have an open discussion about our lady parts and what is going on down there! We will chat about common dysfunctions and how they affect us.
  • We will take a look at the anatomy and functions of our pelvic floor and see how it is part of the greater whole
  • What is the research saying about all of this
  • I will share info on some daily life habits that we need to ditch and/or embrace. Practicing these modifications will be your assigned homework
  • I will offer a list of professionals in the area that may become part of your team in order to reach your ultimate goal of pelvic floor health.
  • The wand, the vSculpt, cones, dilators, vaginal weights.... what are all of these and why would anyone use them?
  • We will look at the link between poor breathing habits and pelvic floor issues. Specific breath techniques will be practiced and will be part of your homework
  • As much as the Fitness and Pilates industry tried to do a good job at teaching us good core control…. well…. it missed the mark. I will teach you what is considered a more pelvic floor friendly and actually overall more effective core engagement.
  • To create a responsive, pain-free pelvic floor we must take a whole body approach
  • We will do a general postural assessment to see what can be improved
  • We will look at functional movements that will help re-set any imbalances in the body that may be the root cause of the pelvic floor issues or are an end result of pelvic floor or pelvic issues. Basically the chicken or the egg thing
  • We will practice some mobility, corrective and therapeutic exercises
  • I will introduce you to self-massage specific to improving tissue health. NO…. we are not just going to massage down there. You will soon understand that the pelvic floor is just one part of the team. We will take care of the whole body rather than just the hole in the body.
  • We will delve into the concept of mindset and energetics to tap into a deeper layer of healing
  • Sex, intimacy, trauma, libido ... lets face it, we all want great orgasms and wonderful intimacy. Great conversations will happen around those important topics!
Reserve your spot today as places are limited to 10 participants maximum per workshop.

Cost: $240.00 plus HST
  • 3 X 2hr sessions 
  • Lifetime access to the Online Pelvic Floor Tune-up Program. A value of over $400.00 ( Promotional price of $197.00 for the online Pelvic Floor Tune-up program ends soon)
  • Access to the Closed Facebook group for continued support and Q&A sessions
Arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the start time. Parking is available. There are no change rooms other than the bathroom at this Studio.
You will receive an email with details of the course a week prior to the workshop.

Cancellation policy:
Due to the fact that you will have access to the online course there will be no refunds available.
You will be invited to select another date, as long as there is space in that workshop.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!