Jackie Leduc Wellness

Pelvic Floor Tune-up Program (1/6)

September 12 (Wednesday)
at 8:15 pm

Class length
75 minutes

Pelvic Floor Health Tune-Up

  • Urinary incontinence?
  • Leaking when you laugh or sneeze?
  • Discomfort or pain during sexual relations?
  • Organ prolapses?
  • Did you just have a baby or have had babies and wish to care for your pelvic floor muscles?
  • Do you endure back or leg pain that you just can’t get relief from no matter how many massages you get?
 Come learn more about simple functional training, corrective exercises, therapeutic massage as well as breathing techniques
that will empower you to better understand what you can do to get your pelvic floor back on track!

Visit my website for more information about the 6 week course scheduled for Saturday mornings 10:15 to 11:30am September 8th to October 20th ( No class Thanksgiving weekend)