Standing in Your Own Power Women’s Group
June 2 (Saturday) at 10:30 am

Featured Teacher
Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
This group is specifically designed to help women become empowered to a point they are the power point in their own lives. It works to heal wounding that holds us back from being all we can be. It will teach you to be your own Guru and find your own answers.

Is this group for you? Have you been searching for something that you can’t seem to find? Have you tried all the “happiness” stuff and still feel like something is missing? Are you having difficulty feeling fully empowered in your life? Have you shifted in such a way that old things you loved and ways of doing things seem meaningless? If you answered yes to any of these questions this group is for you.

The classes include group and individual process and exploration, healing meditations and homework and exercises for you to do at home to continue your healing. These are all processes in Cathy’s book that talks about heartful living.

The classes go over the following topics:

- Honoring yourself: Learning to love, adore and treasure you.

-Walking Open Hearted: Opening your heart and walking within a still closed hearted world.

-Healing Core Wounding (Part 1): Healing your “not good enough” wound.

- Healing Core Wounding (Part 2): Healing your “abandonment” wound.

- Using Your Voice: Speaking and standing in your truth.

- Supporting and Healing Sisterhood Wounding: Moving beyond our wounding by other women and how to support the sisterhood in a whole new way.

-Emotions Are Powerful: How to use emotions in the way they were designed.

-Letting Go and Moving Forward: Letting go of anger and resentment.

- Embracing Your Divine Feminine Gifts: Honoring the nurturer, protector, and mystic.

-Embracing Your Unique Gifts: Figuring out your gifts and how to use them in the world.

-Bringing It All Together: Stop running, hiding or pretending and walk fully empowered in the world.

Cathy's promise to you is that these classes will change you for the better and give you a peace, stability, and strength you’ve never experienced before and you will continue to grow. You will become the change you wish to see in the world and the people in your life will change by your impact upon them. Heartful living is powerful!

The group is lead by Cathy Goulet. Cathy has been a licensed psychotherapist and life coach for over 20 years. The program “Standing in Your Own Power” comes directly from the book she was writing for Hay House. She has proven success empowering women and couples to have their best life.

Come check out one group or the whole series. Cathy will also be providing individual and couples coaching sessions and healing sessions at Clear throughout the week. Call Cathy at 859-907-2939 for more information.

Individual sessions are $33 each or you can get a discount on all 11 sessions for $299.

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