Into the Mythic
February 18 (Sunday) at 1:00 pm

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Featured Teacher
Class length
3 hours
This afternoon we will drink deeply the nectar of hummingbird medicine through song, poetry, and story.
In the Laika medicine wheel, the hummingbird archetype teaches us to engage life at the soul level.

This is the place of possibility and courage. Each year the hummingbird takes the epic journey from Canada to Brazil without knowing the coordinates. It is a journey of trust. Always knowing that the nectar will appear. Hummingbird reminds us that we are always on the great journey we came to this planet to make; That of the soul. Hummingbird speaks to us through the mythic and teaches us to seek and find beauty everywhere. This medicine of the north also reminds us that we are never alone on the journey.

I invite you to join me for what will surely be a ceremonial learning experience of great depth and beauty.

Investment - $60
Limit of 30 people

Meredith Hogan, is a shaman, yogini, singer, dancer, and healer. She was born with an understanding that at the core of human existence, we are all light and sound bound by matter. Filled with dance and song from her first moments, she intimately felt the power of embodied spirituality and spontaneous creativity. Her yogic journey began in adolescence when a physical injury met emotional heartbreak. The longing to heal and to thrive gave her the humility and thirst for the spiritual medicine that is the nectar of practice. She currently lives and teaches in Cincinnati and leads retreats and workshops locally and internationally. Meredith is a graduate of the Four Winds Society Energy Medicine School as well as a recording artist and sacred musician. She has released two albums, Saturn Returns with her band GOODBYE GEMINI, and Mantra Unlocked with yogini sister, Katie Silcox. Meredith is earth keeper and is devoted to living in beauty and assisting others as they navigate the glorious journey each soul came to make.

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