Workshop: YIN Yoga for Lightening & Brightening Mood
February 11 (Sunday) at 2:00 pm

Class length
2 hours
305 East Duval Street, Suite 101, Lake City, FL 32055
This is a special one-day workshop created especially for creating a sense of spaciousness in the body, releasing tension, and lifting mood.

Are you new to YIN YOGA?  Then be sure to read my article about it here so you know what a delicious treat is in store for you!

Purchase of the tuition pass below for the workshop "Yin Yoga to Lighten & Brighten Mood" confirms your agreement to the following Terms & Conditions of Registration & Attendance, as well as the Waiver and Release:  

  • If you have any medical concerns, injuries, allergies, are pregnant, or have any changes in such conditions, it is your duty & responsibility to inform your teacher prior to class.
  • Your place is held only upon receipt of tuition payment ($28, or $25 for Early Bird Investment) OR as a bonus when you pre-pay and register for TWO courses in the 2018 Fall Term (see teacher for details or with questions).
  • Payments for Yoga classes & workshops are non-refundable, unless your class is taken off the weekly schedule due to low enrollment, dire teacher emergency, or unavoidable natural disaster.
  • There are NO pro-rated tuition fees for absences  and no make-up classes for missed days.   
  • Payments for this course are NOT transferable to a future class, series, term, or event.  All passes expire the day of this workshop, November 21, 2018.
  • Advise your teacher with 24-hours advance notice if you are unable to attend (text message or e-mail is preferred).
  • The teacher holds the right to cancel or reschedule any classes, sessions, or events due to extreme illness or emergencies.  Students will be notified of the rescheduled date and every attempt will be made to accommodate each student’s schedule. 
  • Credit-debit payments are completed online.  Cash or check (made out to “Virginia Hill”) is paid in person or mailed (305 East Duval Street, Suite 101, Lake City, FL 32055).
  • Turn off or put all cell phones on silent. 
  • Words and energy matter!  This is your time to turn inward, and much care has been given to cultivating a sacred space. You and your colleagues are doing deep work when you undertake yoga. Please be respectful of your peers and teacher and maintain the calm, peaceful, quiet, and kind space.  This means this is not the time for gossip, complaining, loud speech, or leftover conversations from work.  Take this time and space to breathe and transition into your deeper practice and allow your best self to shine.
  • Please take your shoes off at the door of the studio to keep the floor clean and sanitary.
  • Be on your mat and ready to go at the starting time.
  • It’s best not to eat one hour prior to yoga; for some people, 2 hours are required.
  • If anything can be done to make your experience more comfortable, secure, and successful, please let your teacher know (temperature, bathroom needs attention, you need to leave early, special concern, etc.).  Suggestions to improve your yoga & meditation experience are always welcome.
  • A separate Waiver & Release for AHA Yoga must be completed and signed prior to practice on your first day (unless you are a returning student and have already signed this). 
These policies allow me to continue offering you the best possible yoga teachings I can and ensure our community runs smoothly.  Should you prefer to pay in cash or check,  let me know.  Connect with me if you have any questions!  I would love to hear from you.  

In service,
Virginia Hill, AHA Yoga Teacher

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