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Series - Chip Carving

Chip Carving
Instructor: Vard Porter
August 10 to Sept 7 Five Thursdays from 6pm to 8 pm
Registration and material: $125
Chip carving is a great way to begin woodcarving. For those already acquainted with carving, much can be learned from the design and discipline chip carving has to offer. The tools required are few - two knives - layout tools, sharpening stones, and the results are attractively decorative.
Chip carving differs in several ways from other disciplines of woodcarving including tools employed, the manner in which they are held, the way wood is removed, and designs created. Chip carving decorates objects already in existence such as boxes, plates and furniture. Geometric motifs can be easily drawn with a ruler and compass. Designs carved in this fashion are cut into the wood or incised, not relieved.
The class will include the following:

Session One
Knife sharpening and maintenance. Knife grips and positions.
Border patterns, positive and negative diamonds, rope, lace, and larger borders.
Border layout and carving

Session two
Trouble shoot borders
Layout and carve spiral rosette
Layout and carve other rosettes, dividing the circle and other geometry.

Session three
Trouble shoot rosettes
Grid patterns simple and complex
Non geometric chip carving

Session four
Letter carving and font selection
'S' and 'O' and double letters and dotting the 'i' and 'j'
Pattern transfer methods

Session 5
Trouble shoot individual concerns
Color and chip carving
When is enough, enough?
Layout an entire project (Plate or box lid)

Class is limited to 6 people, assuring close attention to students progress

At the Member Shop, 5360 Eastgate Mall Suite E in the classroom. Enter at the front of the building.

Practice Boards will be provided

Student MUST provide:

1. Chip carving knives, carving and stab: Recommended and where to obtain:

Woodcraft would be Pfeil chip carving knife #2 and
Hock Tools the Hock stab knife CKS125.

At Wood Carvers Supply Inc. a German Lamp Brand Carving series is available.
Large Chip knife "C"

Flexcut knives are not acceptable for this class.

For those serious into this type of carving may want to look at
Wayne Barton's knives at chipcarving.com.

2. A very fine sharpening stone (ceramic or translucent Hard Arkansas) or glass and sandpaper for the "scary sharp" system.
3. Plastic T-square with mm graduations on at least one side (small size around 12 inches overall)
4. Mechanical pencil - .05mm lead size
5. good quality Drafting Compass

Total # of Classes: 5

Classes Begin: Aug 10, 2017

Classes End: Sep 07, 2017

Location: Class

2 spots left

Thursday - August 10 at 6:00pm
Thursday - August 17 at 6:00pm
Thursday - August 24 at 6:00pm
Thursday - August 31 at 6:00pm
Thursday - September 07 at 6:00pm

This class series has already started. Please contact us directly to register.

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