Class - Double Bevel Marquetry
January 15 (Tuesday) at 10:00 am

2 spots left

Bob Jacobson
Class length
4 hours
The Member Shop is fortunate to have Bob Jacobson teach one of the techniques of Marquetry. Known for not only his marquetry but also box making Bob has made numerous boxes as a way of showing his remarkable pictures in wood. He has entered our Design in Wood show several times.

Differing from inlay work marquetry is a technique that involves cutting, fitting, and gluing pieces of wood together into a single sheet and then gluing that sheet down to a stable substrate.

There are many different techniques used to cut veneer to create marquetry. The double bevel technique uses the scroll-saw with the table tilted at an angle. Essentially, you’ll be cutting two pieces of veneer, and the bevel created by the angle of the table allows the bottom veneer to fit into the top veneer. The first step is to select your background veneer. Then from a variety of shop made veneers made just for this class you can choose the most appropriate color and grain pattern to compliment the class design.

Must be SDFWA member, No Shop membership required as safety instruction on scroll-saw use will be initial part of class

Sorry - that class has already taken place!