Open Level Apparatus Class
March 5 (Thursday) at 9:00 am

Class Full - Waitlist Available

Stephanie Hall
Class length
50 minutes
Open Level Apparatus Class incorporates training on both the Reformer and Tower. Clients must have beginner to immediate training in Mat work, as well as on the Reformer and Tower. Core strength and stability are challenged as clients work with the spring system on the apparatus. Muscle length and definition are enhanced, as well as overall strength and stamina.

"Grippy" socks are required for class. (Socks available for purchase at the studio.)

Please refrain from putting oils/lotions on prior to class.

*Please note: If you are new to the studio, please call the studio prior to signing up for a group class.

Sorry - this class is full.
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Open Level Apparatus Class
March 5 (Thursday) at 9:00 am

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