Wellness in Motion

Core and More - In Studio
with Becca

Sorry - that class has been canceled!

October 30 (Saturday)
at 8:30 am

Class length
60 minutes

In Studio

Core and More Group Class is a mindful movement class that combines restorative movement exercises, pilates, yoga, and strength training with a large Restore Your Core®️ influence. These classes will help you make discoveries about your body, uncover movement compensation patterns and help you move better so that you can feel better.
Who is this for?T
hose who have completed the RYC program, Becca's RYC Foundations class, a series of 1:1s with Becca and want to continue moving and learning more, AND anyone who is not dealing with core and pelvic floor dysfunction but wants to gain more whole-body strength, work on alignment, and just wants to move better to feel better.