Yamas and Niyamas: beyond the physical practice
January 18 (Monday) at 5:30 pm (GMT-05:00)

Online Class

Amanda Dilbeck
Class length
1 hour
In this online class we will be exploring 2 of the 8 yogic limbs. We often feel that our mat practice is the most important aspect within our yogic journey but the asana practice is just the most physical limb we do and easiest to explore. However, how we live off our mats, is where we show up for other and ourselves creating the most profound lasting effects. In this series will be reading and discussing Deborah Adele's book "Yamas and Niyamas Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice". Each week we will talk about a chapter and discuss the questions Deborah has listed to help us delve deeper into a well- lived joyful life.

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