In-Studio Yoga Basics
December 8 (Tuesday) at 10:00 am

9 spots left

Amanda Dilbeck
Class length
1 hour
Orchard Studio
Yoga Basics-In this class we will explore postures noticing how they feel within the body, where the breath moves and where does the mind focus. Although we will explore standing and seated poses there will be transitions to accommodate all levels. If you are wanting to explore the finer point of a pose or just beginning  your yogic journey this is a great place to start using slower movement. Meditation and mindfulness will be explored in this class. 
Fast and intense may serve for a time but it is unsustainable and will invariably require some reevaluation. For in the slowness of our lives is where we are able to perceive its worth. Your yoga practice is no different. 

Rules for our in Studio classes
1. Our studio is now in McCaysville, please enter through the red barn doors at Deep Roots Orchard and Folk Apothic at 2984 Mobile Rd. McCaysville GA 30555. There is plenty of parking for all. 
2.You will wear a mask or bandana into the studio AND until you are settled onto your mat in the Studio. When you leave your mat, a mask is to be worn.
3. There are makes on the floor for you to know where to place your mat.
4. All of your personal items can still be placed in cubbies but there This makes sanitizing much more efficient.
5. No bolsters, blankets, straps or eye pillows will be furnished by the studio. You may, however, bring your own. We will have the mats and blocks for your use. Please do NOT put the blocks up, leave by the mats so we know what needs to be cleaned.
6. While taking an in studio class there may be a zoom video being recorded. You will not be within the view of the recording. 
7. Because there are so few spots available and we need to actually fill to capacity in the studio, if you register for a class you may cancel up to 12 hours before class. After that time the class will be deducted from your studio pass. If you are unlimited, you will be charged a $12 dollar cancellation fee. Please understand that we are operating at a deficit as we can only run at almost 1/3 capacity, and spaces not being filled within the studio actually cost the studio money to remain open. 
8. We ask that you please not lingerer in the studio as we need to begin cleaning to sanitize the studio. Feel free to step out into Folk Apoth and try a warm brewed tea. 
9. If you do not follow these rules you will be asked to leave and your studio and you pass will be charged for the class. 
10. If no one is registered for an in studio class 3 hours prior to the class starting the in In Studio  class will be canceled.
11. If you feel sick or have been running a fever or exposed to covid-19 please do not enter the studio. 
12. Be respectful of all clients and maintain a 6 ft distance at all times, 
Remember these are unprecedented times and YWBR wants to honor you and the safety of all others that walk into the studio.  We are unaccustomed to implementing these rules and they may need to adapt as we see fit, so rules may change at any given point.

To book a spot in this class you must sign-in. If you do not have an active pass you will be prompted to purchase one first before making a class reservation.

You must sign-in to book a spot in this class.

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