Linda Nardelli Group Channelling Healing Circle
September 29 (Saturday) at 1:00 pm

Linda Nardelli
Class length
5 hours
Bask in the richness of crystal bowl sound-healing, channelled guidance and energy healing, and restore your body and soul.
with Linda Nardelli
Sat, Sep 29/18  @ 1pm - 6pm

Discover for yourself the spectacular experience of receiving direct channelled messages given to the group and to you personally. Connect to the co-creative synergy between participants and feel the resonance that is naturally part of the group dynamic.

The healing circle is a precious environment designed to enhance your spiritual life and nurture your well-being, and the gifts are many…
  • Learn about spiritual mysticism – the path of embracing all of you, body and soul.
  • Shift out of limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your full potential.
  • Discover the rich guidance inherent in your thoughts and emotions, and your desires.
  • Open your receiving channel to receive what you long for.
  • Increase your vital energy and channel creativity in all areas of your life.
Cost:  $55 (includes GST) 

“The group channeling is expansive on multi-dimensional levels in the way the spirits specifically intuit each person’s need, and the accumulative effect that all of Linda’s gifts have on the group as a whole. Linda is a most sensitive host that creates a comfortable and inclusive environment. Her playing the chakra bowls is penetrating, her toning unearthly, and her spirit guides powerful and most charming in their general address to the group.”
~ H. Klassan

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