with Edwin Davis


October 29 (Friday)
at 8:00 am (GMT-05:00)

Class length
30 minutes

Stress accumulates in our bodies and to strengthen our immune system we need to release it. Meditation helps us by getting a deep rest and that’s the most efficient way to release stress.

Together we can create a loving environment and accountability. These sessions are a great opportunity to build a healthy habit and connection. Join us any time!

How it works? We open the call at 8:00 am, settle into a comfortable seated position, say hi and answer any questions. At 8:05 we start for our 20 min session in stillness, at 8:25 we will gently come out, you can leave or stay to share thoughts or experience.

The steps:
  1. Find a comfortable seated position with you back supported (think couch, chair, bed) as long as you’re upright (not laying down) and comfortable
  2. You can use a clock or download the app CLOCKS and place it in front of you, whenever your mind goes to thinking how long you’ve been meditating you take a peak and continue
  3. Take a minute to allow your eyes to close, take a few deep breaths to allow your body to settle and then...
  4. use your mantra, settling sound (aaaah... hummm..), or breath to meditate
  5. Your mind will wander into thoughts and every time you remember you’re meditating you go back to #4 to settle back in (this is normal and can happen many times in your meditation, this is how you release stress!)
  6. Extra: have a goal or intention? The last 2 minutes of our meditation you can use to imagine that goal/intention as a reality, use your mind, feelings and emotions
  7. After 20 minutes take your time with small movements and then a stretch to come out and open your eyes


Sorry - that class has already taken place!