Casco Yoga Panama

Mind Your Back Workshop
with Jackie Koch

July 15 (Saturday)
at 2:00 pm

Class length
180 minutes

This workshop by Jackie Koch is designed to help you learn about the anatomy and function of your spine so that you can live your life more efficiently and back pain free. In this therapeutic workshop you will learn simple yoga poses that you can practice daily, at your desk, in your bed, or before and after travel. We will discuss proper spinal alignment, exercises to improve your posture or relieve discomfort, and how to maintain a healthy back. Simple yoga for normal people. Valuable information for everyone. The information is gathered from my lifetime of studying movement as a dancer and my 10 years of experience teaching yoga. The workshop is created from the 25 hour Spinal Module I took in NYC with fellow yoga instructors and medical practitioners under the internationally renowned program @yoga_medicine Date: July 15th 2017 Time: 2 - 5 pm Location: Casco Yoga Panama Price: Early Bird $ 40 OR Day Of $ 50 (Payment through cash or credit card at the studio)


Sorry - that class has already taken place!