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Introduction to Meditation THURSDAYS 8 June - 13 July 2017

A 6 week course to introduce you to the practice of Meditation. We explore simple yet profound approaches to the practice - so that you can do a small amount each day, and feel for yourself the noticeable shifts in your personal perceptions and experiences, as you go about life.

You will be introduced to the techniques and experience of several styles and aspects of meditation:

Mindfulness Meditation (of the Buddhist tradition)
Chakra Meditation (Yogic tradition)
Yoga Nidra (Conscious Sleep - Yogic tradition)
Chanting Meditation (Yogic tradition)
Metta Meditation (Loving Kindness - Buddhist tradition)
And of course, Chocolate Meditation. :)

We explore fundamentals, like using props to find a comfortable seat, as well as looking at aspects such as sankalpa (intention), and practicing dedications.

You will also understand some of the basic scientific underpinnings of meditation - how and why it works in the brain - and it's incredible!

Susie is a qualified, experienced and passionate meditation teacher, and is really looking forward to introducing this life-changing practice with you.

Contentment (Santosha), compassion, joy, wisdom and unconditional love, are all within us. We don't need to be void of thought or imperfection to experience them - those things are part of our incredible shared humanity! We can however, let our attention pass over the thoughts trying to convince us particular stories that cause us suffering are the only Truth, and notice that it is All already right here - as we are.

Total # of Classes: 6

Classes Begin: Jun 08, 2017

Classes End: Jul 13, 2017

7 spots left

Thursday - June 08 at 5:00pm
Thursday - June 15 at 5:00pm
Thursday - June 22 at 5:00pm
Thursday - June 29 at 5:00pm
Thursday - July 06 at 5:00pm
Thursday - July 13 at 5:00pm

This class series has already started. Please contact us directly to register.

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