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Deep Relax 10 Pass (valid 12 months)

Price: $220

For you beautifully committed Deep Relaxers! (Hurrah for you! Such a nourishing :)) Or, for you wanna-be committed Deep Relaxers (a highly beneficial goal!)

A 10 class pass that is valid ONLY for our 2 hour Sunday Deep Relax sessions.

As the sessions are currently only 2-3 times a month (1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays), this special 10 pass is valid for one year, from date of purchase.

Please note that pass extensions are only granted on compassionate grounds - for which being busy isn't one! The main reason for pass validity periods is to assist you to build a regular practice, that will nourish your being, and make your experience of your life even more fantastic :) - It's the regularity that makes all the difference!

Look forward to sharing the sweet melting Relax goodness with you!

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