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Qi Gong in the Garden

Callum Bell
10:00am - September 17 (Sunday)
Class length: 1 hour

12 spots left

Qi Gong in the Garden

Barefoot in a circle - feet to earth. 
Softly glowing Sunday mornings in Spring :)
Join Callum for the gentle subtleties of this beautiful complimentary practice in the Santosha garden.
Qi Gong is all about softness and awareness. ‘Less is more’ has never been more applicable. Mixed in with the more traditional Qi Gong forms, is plenty of sitting, standing and moving meditation; body awareness and alignment; partner exercises; gentle flexibility and strength movements; and, of course, a healthy dose of fun.
Qi Gong is perfect for people of all physical capabilities, and is a wonderful complementary practice for injury and illness recovery.
Everyone is welcome.

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