Inspire Me Fit

LIIT Low Impact Fitness
with Jasmine

October 28 (Thursday)
at 9:15 am

Class length
50 minutes

Swanmore Village Hall

Low Impact, low intensity fat burning workout with exercises to tone the midriff too

What is it?
A low impact workout incorporating a mix of functional cardio moves and body weight resistance exercises. Your instructor will vary different styles of interval training to encourage fat burning while being kind to the joints and pelvic floor! Includes a core section and stretching.

What are the benefits?
LIIT will help reduce body fat and build bone strength as well as improving general fitness.

How hard will it be?
This is a good choice to prepare for our more challenging HIIT workouts and will suit those who prefer to take care of shoulders, and knees. A low impact workout with plenty of focus on establishing good technique. The interval style format allows for plenty of progression too.

What do I need?
Bring a good exercise mat and wear trainers.


Sorry - that class has already taken place!