Kettlebell HIIT
February 26 (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm

3 spots left

Class length
55 minutes
Swanmore College - Drama Studio
Intense Calorie Burning combination of Kettlebell and HIIT

What is it?
A fast paced, high powered workout incorporating a mix of functional cardio moves and resistance exercises with the Kettlebell.  Your instructor will adopt different styles of interval training to max out the calorie burn and burn fat fast.

What are the benefits?
Research shows we can torch up to 400 calories in just 20 minutes using the Kettlebells. Kettlebell HIIT is the ultimate.. - Fat blasting - Calorie blitzing - Body Sculpting - Ab defining ... all over body workout

How hard will it be?
Exercises are easy to follow but combined will challenge your cardiovascular endurance and core strength. This class is ideal for those already reasonably fit who are looking for a new challenge. However we are able to offer modifications and light weights for beginners. 

If you have not yet completed a pre exercise questionnaire please do so before attending your first session so we can check the suitability of the session for you.

To reserve a place in this class you will require a pre pay pass. Please note reservations are subject to our 24hour cancellation policy.

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