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Spring Reset: Become a Barre Warrior (6-week Course)

Become a Barre Warrior 
6-week course 

We have partnered with Amber Stephens of Barre Warrior and curated a perfect movement-based challenge to combat the Winter blues. 

Become a Barre Warrior is about learning the technique in an easy-to-follow way, building gradually over the 6-weeks for you to master the moves and create a whole new way of moving! It is upbeat and possibly the most fun you’ll have getting fit and toned with high intensity, low impact total body work-out with authentic dance techniques.

Over 6 weeks, you will:

Join a community of like-minded individuals

Attend 2 Barre Warrior classes each week: Monday 5:15pm & Thursday 7am

Receive one complimentary infrared sauna per week (during the 6-week course to be used during off-peak times: 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday)

Receive a weekly recipe from our in-house nutritionist, Katherine Geary

Be supported by our Health Coach, Janet Stewart

Have the chance to win weekly spot prizes to keep you on track 

The first eight customers to sign up will be gifted an exclusive goody bag which includes The Beauty Chef Cleanse worth $70!

Enrolment is limited as we want to provide you with great classes and guidance and we achieve that by keeping the numbers small.

Start date: 18th September 2023

Investment: $300

What are the benefits?

Sculpting your body and creating long lean muscles

Lifted butt, sleek legs, toned core

Improved Posture

Increased fitness

Heightened body awareness

Injury prevention

Better balance

Stronger pelvic floor

More Gracefulness

Better brain function through physical coordination- left-right hemisphere

Release of endorphins

More self confidence

Learning with a group and sharing the experience


Do I need Prior Experience?

Not at all. Just your commitment to learn something new. We start from scratch

What if I am currently unfit?

Part of the course is to build fitness steadily over the 6 weeks. Work at your own pace, no pressure to “go hard”

I’m pregnant, is this safe?

Yes. Many Barre Warriors continue through into their third trimester and almost all exercise are safe and manageable as they are standing moves with a Barre support.

I have had an injury in the past, can I still do this?

In most cases yes, in fact one of the greatest benefits of Barre Warrior is rehabilitating and strengthening your body safely after an injury. If the injury is acute, please ask first and please make known any injury that may affect your ability to move. Each person will be assessed individually.

Is it recommended for people over 60?

Yes. Many of Barre Warriors greatest fans are post in their 50’s and 60’s. See the testimonials for personal accounts of their journey. If anything, you will feel more energise and younger as a result of consistent Barre Warrior classes.

I have done Barre before; will this be too easy?

Barre Warrior is its own technique and differs to other Barre techniques in a few ways. There is a large emphasis on authentic dance technique and Barre Warrior takes special attention on alignment and joint pathways. Even if you have done Barre you will benefit in breaking down the technique and improving your efficiency and function.

What do I need to bring?

We work in bare feet, but sticky socks are also fine. Wear tights and general workout clothing.

How Can I Learn More?

Visit www.wellandbeing.nz or www.barrewarrior.com

@wellandbeing.nz or @barrewarrior on social



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