Chopper Intensive
March 2 (Monday) at 6:15 pm

Class length
1 hour
O'Brien Community Center
Let's get that CHOPPER!

Learn how to send your crotch high up to the pole.  This is a milestone move for all inverting polers.  You might need to build some strength, or maybe you just need to understand the movement, but let's break it down and set the goal.  Let's lift those legs high and proud 💪💪💪 and get up-side-down!  Alison will show you the exercises that are needed to get your chopper and how to use the chopper for maximum function in your pole work.

This class is suitable for those who have been consistently taking our Pole 1 level classes for a few months.  If you feel confident to start killing it with inversions, aerial or grounded, join us for Chopper Intensive.

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