Gummi Bears

February 7 (Tuesday)
at 9:45 am

Class length
60 minutes

Melville LeisureFit

Gummi Bears are approximately 6 - 12mths old and are moving forward in a prone position (on the belly). This group will be consolidating early skills while honing strength, coordination and balance. These vital areas of development require early tuning in order to establish concrete foundations. 

Much like a Mothers’ Group meeting, this class is sociable and relaxed. A parent’s (yes dads are welcome too) mental health is paramount. Building community is the first step to surrounding yourself with a support network - “it takes a village”.

Classes are designed for one on one guidance to ensure instructions are specific to your individual baby as well as incorporating social opportunities in a Mother’s Group type environment.

Your strength and fitness is important too so we will include a movement component for the adults. Our babies love to see us move and they will move with us too. It’s great to have a hit of endorphins and some time for self care. It’s recommended that you are both in comfortable clothes that easily allows movement. 

The structure of the class:
0-10 mins: meet and greet, catch up on the week
35mins: baby movement 
15mins: adult movement 

Our facilities are cleaned thoroughly and hygiene is a priority to us. Your baby and your safety is our top priority. If anyone is unwell in your household, the content library offers an online alternative for your convenience. 


Sorry - that class has already taken place!