Sol Rio Studio

Reiki Level 2- Intuitive Usui
with Dana Valley

June 25 (Saturday)
at 1:00 pm

Class length
300 minutes

Sol Rio

>>>In this Reiki Level 2- Intuitive Usui Class & Certification, we go deeper to learn the many ways Reiki energy can be applied. With this training, you will learn advanced Reiki techniques such as distant and surrogate methods to build the confidence you will need to help people and situations around the globe. You will learn the tools to build your intuitive muscle using techniques such as guided imagery. Kotodama, the sacred sounds of Reiki are covered and how to utilize and work with these sacred mantras.  We also cover other techniques such as Koki Ho (Reiki Breath) and Goshi Ho (beaming). 

>>>The course is 5 hours long and completed in one day and costs $350.  Price includes certificate of completion, several crystals for personal work and a study guide which will be emailed to you after the class.  This class is open to Reiki Level 1 or above attuned students from any Reiki lineage. 


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