3rd Eye Meditation Lounge

Melissa Gail Klein and the Morning Dew Music Video Release Party with Lydia Froncek of Ley Line
with Melissa Klein

January 29 (Saturday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
180 minutes

3rd Eye Meditation Lounge - 1701 Toomey Rd

A delightful evening of music celebrating Melissa Gail Klein's latest album Crystalline Charm and her most recent music video, Dungeon. The event will include dancing, laughing, heart expansion and healing, plus a projection of the new music video on the wall! Enjoy the magical sounds of Lydia Froncek from Ley Line with special guest surprise appearances from talented local Austin musicians featured on the album.

Melissa Gail Klein is a captivating musical performer and visionary based out of Austin, Texas. Her honest approach is a refreshing hit of magic for trying times, and a fun companion for the everyday grind. In addition to writing and performing with her 5 piece band the Morning Dew, Melissa is a therapist and advocate for women survivors of sex trafficking and justice-involved individuals. Her latest title Crystalline Charm was recorded at Cacophony Studios in ATX and features some of the finest players on the Southwest scene including Phoebe Hunt, members of Ley Line, and the Deer. Her upcoming EP Home, set to release this September is a catchy mix of crunchy rock and roll and classic-sounding folk ballads. Melissa's medicine comes through her healing voice, eclectic banjo playing, and silver flute, as she's artfully backed up on electric guitar, cello, bass, drum set and angelic harmony. Catch Melissa and the Morning Dew live, on Spotify, Itunes, or on a podcast or radio station near you!


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