3rd Eye Meditation Lounge

Breath Work Sound Healing
with Agnete Sandahl-Hybertsen

February 17 (Thursday)
at 11:00 am

Class length
60 minutes

3rd Eye Meditation Lounge - 1701 Toomey Rd

In this class we will explore the depth of breath work followed by a sound healing meditation. Working with this breath can be a very efficient form of healing and transformation. This breath gets the thinking mind out of the way to explore other realms of our being for information. We can release stuck energy from the emotional and physical body as well as receive messages from the many layers of our being. This breath can bring clarity to situations in life that may have otherwise been overlooked. The experience is different every time and you will receive exactly what is needed at the time. The breath has a healing intelligence that can transcend the limitations of the mind.  The sound healing is there to guide and support the integration process. The combination is deeply healing and supportive. Everyone is always welcome. 

Agnete was born in Norway on a dark and cold December night. She spent her early childhood in Norway and London. The dark and cold days as well as the isolating environment led to an early relationship with her imagination, self reflection, and creative side. Her family moved to Colorado where Agnete attended high school and University in Boulder Colorado. She studied studio art and art history and created many paintings in the studios of CU. After University she moved to San Diego where she fell in love with yoga on a more spiritual level.  She ran a yoga studio out there for many years where she taught classes and led teacher training. During that time she became certified in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Prison Yoga, Reiki, and Kambo. After many years of exploring the craft of holding a safe and strong container she is honored to hold this space for you. To her, presence is everything, and one of her many passions is to help us drop into more presence using the tools and techniques she has learned over the years.


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