Yoga Bayside

with Dee Hughes


September 10 (Saturday)
at 10:30 am

Class length
150 minutes


Hands up if you want to feel more relaxed, calm and in control!  

This workshop will teach you just that. Learn to understand, befriend and manage your stress. You do not need any Yoga experience, everyone is welcome from beginners to seasoned Yogis. If you experience stress this workshop is for you.

We will teach you practical tools that you can use daily to take control of your mental well-being. These are not time consuming practices, but when done regularly can make a huge difference to how you feel and cope with your stress load. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed. Society demands so much of us, whether it is work pressure, relationship difficulties, financial worries or just a general busy lifestyle, we are all feeling the burden of stress that comes with life as we know it.... and then add the Corona Virus, who wouldn't be stressed!!!

But the good news is that there are lots of small things that you can do, things that are not time consuming, and that you can add to your routine to help manage these stress levels. Every little technique that you learn and apply will have a cumulative and positive effect on your state of being.

We will teach you how to add these practices into your lifestyle so they become a habit, just like brushing your teeth. We will also learn ways to diffuse our stress levels when it is getting on top of us.  Some of the things we will cover are:

- Understanding how stress works (so we befriend and manage it)
- Movement (not traditional Yoga)
- Breathing exercises (lots of options so you can find one that works for you)
- Easy meditation practices (not sitting cross legged in agony)
- Self-massage
- Rest
The workshop is 2.5 hours long. The last half hour will be a guided Yoga Nidra pure relaxation and a luxuriously long Savasana.

I hope you can join us, learning to live with less stress and find a more peace and joy in your life. Hope to see you there x


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