SPECIALTY - Dancer's Body
February 28 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm

Caryl Cuizon
Class length
1 hour
SPECIALTY CLASS - Dancer's Body Instructor: Caryl Cuizon Pre-Requisites: Intermediate Salsa On2 FOR LATIN DANCERS (min Intermediate Level) So you know the steps, some cool moves, and you're making it through the dance "good enough". But what about flavour? That extra somethin' somethin'' that sets apart the awesome dancers...If you didn't grow up knowing how to do body rolls, or if spinning doesn't come naturally, you're like most of us...:) This class focuses on the details, Latin dance techniques & drills that help create fluid/sharp movements, better balance and control. If you're eager to transform your dancing, here's your chance to own your movements with great foundations that have endless possibilities!

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