February 19 (Tuesday) at 8:30 pm

Andre & Maria
Class length
1 hour
Are you looking to start a fun, social, active new hobby? Interested in meeting new people and spice up your nightlife? Learn to dance bachata and say hello to an exciting new social life!  Dominican bachata is a dance full of sensuality, partner connection and musicality inspired by the soulful melodic rhythms of guitars, and the suggestive sounds of accompanying instrumentation and vocals. It is a a Latin street dance with roots in the Dominican Republic that dancers all over the world have come to love...the body movement, they playful footwork, being at one with your partner, the music.... Dive deep into this dance and you'll find a freedom unlike any other. Under the spell of the music, feel the romance, the connection and lose yourself.  

Sorry - that class has already taken place!