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Basic Membership Auto Pay (Group Training Not Included). Please Review Terms BEFORE Purchase.

Membership Description:

  1. This monthly auto membership is offered for students who are committed to attending 3 or more Group Fitness Classes per week. 
  2. Unlimited Access to all Group Fitness Classes (i.e. Zumba, Dance Boot Camp, Cardio & Core, Squat Boxing). Membership does NOT include Group Training, Personal Training, Specialty Classes, Parties, and Events.
  3. VIP pricing on parties, events, and specialty classes offered by M2I.
  4. Drop In Pass for one guest (One Class Only).
Membership Terms:

*Automatic monthly payments will begin from the date of purchase on the debit/credit card added to the system and will continue until canceled by the request of the student or management. Payments can be canceled/suspended at any time within 7 business days PRIOR to subsequent payment. NO REFUND/CREDITS. NON-TRANSFERABLE.

*At the discretion of Moves2Inspire Management, terms may be reviewed or altered at any time. We will inform you of significant changes to the Terms as far in advance as reasonably possible with notice of any significant change such as: temporary closure of a facility or change to Membership Fee. Notices will be sent to you by email which will be used as the primary method of contact for such notice.

*For billing errors/questions or to change/suspend/cancel payment send email to [email protected] with your contact info.


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