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Comprehesive ASW Recovery Room 5 Session Pack - $450

Comprehensive ASW Recovery Room 5 Session Pack - $450

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Our recovery room with elite tools and services used and trusted by pro athletes such as Courtney Conlogue (local professional surfer), youth athletes and weekend warriors is better than a massage! Options for non-human contact during service if desired (instruction videos available to show you how to apply the equipment yourself). 

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Recovery Room Menu

(Choose from this menu 40 minutes worth of treatment)

10 min. Rapid Release Technology of Purewave vibration

Rapid Release Technology or Purewave high speed vibration - both leaders in the vibration technology space because of the tiny stroke size and high speed which allows more precise energy delivery and better results. 

10 min. myofascial decompression

Using cupping/or mechanical traction to release stiff painful regions in the body

20 min. NormaTec Pulse Technology

This leader in compression technology is used by pro athletes to recover faster and train harder. It uses compressed air to massage limbs, mobilize fluid, fight inflammation and eliminate muscle soreness. Results in refreshed legs, hips, and arms for the next training session. This air-compression massage will leave you feeling fresh and light, and ready for that next workout, hike, surf session or run.

10-20 min. Electric Meditation "Master Reset" for your Nervous System to promote healing

Alternate option (in lieu of 10-20 minutes of something else in the recovery room menu): Neubie by NeuFit "Master Reset" aka "Electric Meditation" for 10 minutes. This will "reset" your Vagus nerve, and therefore the autonomic nervous system (the unconscious control system of your body that regulates heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, healing potential, etc), toward an ideal range for healing. You will feel deeply relaxed. Clients regularly state they have not felt that relaxed in weeks or months.

Benefits of the ASW Recovery Room:
  • Increase range of motion
  • Increase mobility
  • Increase circulation
  • Decrease muscle fatigue
  • Reduces muscle tenderness
  • Quicker recovery after intense workouts
  • Clears metabolites passively
  • Weekend warriors
  • Elite & Amateur Athletes
  • Endurance Athletes
  • Crossfit Athletes
  • People with Lymphedema 
  • Sports Teams



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