New Moon Meditation and Yoga
January 13 (Wednesday) at 7:30 pm (GMT-05:00)



Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
Online via Zoom
While not as "sexy" as her Full Moon counterpart, the New Moon can also be a special time of renewal.

Without the glow of the moon in the night sky, stars pop through the darkness more brightly.  It has been said "There's something calm about this time, something renewing, as though nothing is expected from you and you're allowed to"

The New Moon is a symbol of our new beginnings, a second chance. The New Moon gifts us with a clean slate and is the perfect time to meditation, journal, organize and plan your next move!

Join us in this 90-minute class from the comfort of your home as we journal, practice Moon Salutations and participate in a guided meditation as we cultivate our Sankalpa for the next month.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!