Thanks for considering purchasing your class pass online. If you buy one of the student discount passes, you'll be expected to show your ID at your next visit.  I offer discounts if you are a city or county employee as well, but you need to purchase those passes in person.  The new student specials are only for those either completely new to Ruby's classes or who haven't been in over 6 months.  

Which Pass would you like to Purchase?

Purchase *Fall New Student Special: 1 week unlimited - $12.00
Purchase *Fall New Student Special: 1 month unlimited - $30.00
Purchase 1 Drop In Class- Regular Rate - $15.00
Purchase 5 Classes-Regular Rate - $65.00
Purchase 10 Classes-Regular Rate - $100.00
Purchase 20 Classes- Regular Rate - $175.00
Purchase Student Discount- 5 Classes - $45.00
Purchase Student Discount- 10 Classes - $80.00
Purchase Student Discount- 20 Classes - $130.00
Purchase Unlimited Pass- 2 Months - $150.00
Purchase Advanced ticket to Double Gong Event - $15.00
Purchase Advanced college student ticket to Double Gong Event - $10.00

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