Use this form to purchase passes online for East Sac Yoga. Passes can also be purchased in person (by check or cash).

Passes are good for use at all locations. No refunds for unused passes. If you have extenuating circumstances and need to have your expiration date extended, please contact Sandi.

You will receive an email confirmation after your purchase, and your pass status will be automatically updated.

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Purchase Drop-in (1-time pass) - $15
Purchase 4-class Pass (usable at all classes for up to 6 weeks) - $55
Purchase 8-class Pass (usable at all classes for up to 8 weeks) - $96
Purchase 8-class pass (for 1-hour Gentle Yoga - M &F) - $80
Purchase 4-class pass (for 1 hour Gentle Yoga- M & F) - $45
Purchase Aroma-Bliss Thursdays - $39
Purchase Aroma-Bliss - Feelings - $12
Purchase Yoga of MIRACLES - $20

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